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Neice began her musical journey at the age of 6 and has been displaying her vocal prowess on stage ever since. She is a vocal powerhouse with the ability to instantly captivate an audience due to the sheer intensity of an opening note while demonstrating the ability to soothe the weary soul with her warm vocals and heartfelt lyrics.


Shaneice Anthony AKA “Neice” is a Canadian pop/r&b/soul singer-songwriter born in Toronto, Ontario. She began taking piano lessons and vocal training at an early age, and by the time she turned 6, she was performing gospel covers at a number of churches around the city. Everyone that listened to her sing would be amazed at how such a powerful voice could emanate from someone so young. In her teenage years, Neice was determined to pursue a career in music, so she would take every opportunity she could to grow as an artist. Without hesitation, she decided to audition for the regional arts program at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School where she studied music. Once she was accepted into the program, Neice was introduced to a variety of songwriting techniques and vocal skills that she would later implement into her artistry. Skills like the ability to create expressive melodies and captivating harmonies would later become defining features in her music. Neice also developed her stage presence by performing in various school productions, talent shows and concerts. In partnership with World Vision, Neice was casted as a supporting character in their pilot musical production, The Other Side of The River, where she had the opportunity to combine her love of music with storytelling. This experience allowed Neice to see the amazing power storytelling has to captivate and mobilize an audience, which would later guide her songwriting process. Neice went on to further pursue her musical career in post-secondary school. She attended York University where she honed her vocal control, dynamics, and power. There she began to develop her own artistic style as she experimented with writing her own music and had the opportunity to study vocal production and performance under a number of  acclaimed coaches around the city. Since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Neice has been immersed in music through both teaching vocal and piano lessons privately and performing in artist showcases and festivals on various stages such as the Exhibition Place, Mel Lastman Square and the Rogers Center.


Neice’s vocal style encompasses warm sultry tones accompanied by powerful high notes and soothing falsettos. She has named Alicia Keys, Tori Kelly and Destiny’s Child as her main influences among others. Her songs and performances have two main objectives. The first is to connect to her listeners emotionally, while the second is to create an atmosphere of joy. With those goals in mind, Neice writes lyrics that people can relate to and songs that people can feel. She is inspired by music’s ability to bring people together and hopes that her music will be able to touch the hearts of many. 


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